Superintendent at the frontier of a pipeline project

Construction Manager Dmitry Mamontov, an ambitious and proactive Atlas professional, worked on the landfall facilities of the onshore segment of the pipeline for a client of Atlas, in shifts of 12 hours and on a rotation of 28 days, back in 2019. He values the face-to-face interaction with his team and does not withhold himself from hard work and responsibilities.

After ten years of performing the management and supervision of construction activities in the Oil and Gas sector, Dmitry Mamontov became the Superintendent for a pipeline project. He first heard about Atlas Professionals via his friend, who recommended him for the position. “Atlas Professionals contacted my friend with an offer to join the project. As he wasn’t available himself, he advised them to contact me for this role. He knew that this sector was a good match with my experience,” Dmitry says. 

Big responsibility

Dmitry’s morning as a Superintendent starts with the shift handover, where he takes over the tasks that remained unsolved from the night shift. He also receives new tasks for the day, as per project schedules. The main duty that Dmitry needs to oversee throughout the day is, however, more than performing scheduled project work. “My main responsibility is to manage my team in order to reach project milestones together, without any accidents and time loss. We perform the task providing each other with maximum safety and communications to avoid loss of control in each work activity,” he says.  

One of the things Dmitry loves about his job is the contact with the team. He is always grateful to have the possibility to communicate face to face with all other professionals. When it comes to challenges, Dmitry handles everything with great responsibility. “The most challenging part of my job is the accurate delivery of personal tasks to each other. We always look to make the construction process easier and faster whilst upholding the required safety and quality standards,” Dmitry says.

Ambition and aspiration

When Atlas first spoke to Dmitry, he and his team had one goal: building cofferdams. “Our team is currently focused on building cofferdams. Even with few subcontractors, professionals and machinery to reach the set-up tasks, the cross- communication between company departments makes it possible for everyone to save time and to perform their job in a safe and timely manner,” the Superintendent says.
“My ambition and aspiration are to be the best in my sector,” says Dmitry, who encourages anyone aspiring a career in Construction Management to go for it. “Just be yourself, develop your knowledge in the construction sector, be flexible in communication with everyone and push yourself to the frontier,” he advises.