Velabor Ljubojevic at the Seafox 2

“I chose this job because of the working rotation and the discipline in offshore work”, explains Velabor Ljubojevic from Woerden, Holland. This is his first assignment for Atlas Services Group and he has been working on the Seafox 2 since February. He previously worked for the Dutch Ministry of Defence, or rather the NAVO, as a translator and following that as an intelligence officer for the British Army. After coming home it was difficult to make a new start, even more so as both his parents became ill.

“Once my parents were on the way to recovery I came into contact with Nel Hartman who works for the County Council in Woerden. I wanted to get back on the job market. She offered me all the positions I could have wished for, however I chose offshore work. Via internet we found Koen Roozen, director of Atlas Employability. He explained which steps I needed to take to fulfill my dream. Koen Roozen’s guidance was impeccable, he explained everything to me, including the smallest details, and continued to offer his guidance together with Tamara Parinussa and Ylona van der Poel. They arranged everything perfectly; all I had to do was my best. Once I had completed all the necessary courses for working offshore Koen introduced me to Mark Hofland and Kiril Janssen, Account Managers at the office in Den Helder. I soon got a call from them to do a shift on the Seafox 2. I was grateful for the opportunity; I’m still working there now and will be doing so for the time being. In the meantime I have been given a 12-month contract and my future looks very different to what it did a few years ago.”


“I started off on the right foot and will certainly continue in the same way. All in all it took me less than 6 months to complete my training and start working on the Seafox 2. The crew is very close, and luckily I have been accepted into the group. There is a high level of camaraderie onboard, making it a pleasant place to work. I am very pleased with the way things have transpired. My extreme gratitude goes to Nel Hartman; she was a huge support for me. Koen Roozen and his colleagues have also done a lot for me, but at the end of the day I know that I can be proud of myself. I have had to prove myself worthy onboard.”